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Ortho Prostate 90's Protocol

Ortho Prostate 90's Protocol




Ortho Prostate 90's Protocol helps to relieve the urologic symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Ortho Prostate™

  • Standardized Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle & Lycopene
  • Supports Healthy Prostate Function*

How it Works

Ortho Prostate™ is a blend of botanical and nutritional ingredients known to support healthy prostate function and normal urine flow.* Extracts of saw palmetto and stinging nettle root may help to support normal activity of aromatase enzymes and in turn, help to maintain the healthy function of prostate cells.* Lycopene is included to support proper cellular signaling, normal genetic expression and healthy prostate function.* LYC-O-MATO® is a registered trademark of LycoRed Natural Products Ltd.