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Deodorant 72h bio balance Stick L'avilin

Deodorant 72h bio balance Stick L'avilin




Deodorant 72h bio balance Stick L'avilin 


Neutralizes Odor for Up to 72 Hours!

Lavilin Stick Deodorant gives you fast, long-lasting odor protection you can rely on with just one swipe. Clinically tested for effective odor control, Lavilin's water-resistant formula swiftly neutralizes bacteria without clogging pores or interfering with your natural bio balance. Lavilin, the body-friendly solution, provides maximum protection, even after your shower, swim, or workout. Moisturizers and natural extracts help hydrate and protect skin in the delicate underarm area.

  • Aluminum-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free
  • Up to 72 Hours