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Milk Chocolate cappuccino 100gr. Galerie Au Chocolat

Milk Chocolate cappuccino 100gr. Galerie Au Chocolat




Milk Chocolate cappuccino 100gr. Galerie Au Chocolat 

Creating the best chocolates in the world takes passion and integrity.  It starts with passionate chocolatiers, wholesome ingredients and the commitment to use proven, time-honoured processes.  We believe in only using the best quality, real, good food ingredients as fillings and inclusions in our chocolates.  These ingredients include whole double roasted almonds, pure maple syrup, sea salt, sponge toffee and caramels made daily in our kitchen using 35% whipping cream and fresh unsalted butter… and more.  We only use the highest quality imported Belgian chocolate to produce our products and ensure that the cocoa beans we use have been sustainably grown and ethically sourced.


Unlike other companies, we don’t add oils, emulsifiers, preservatives, flavours or anything artificial in our products.  Our dark chocolate only has four ingredients: cocoa mass, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter and natural vanilla extract.  Each ingredient has been selected and blended to ensure the very best texture and taste. Our master chocolatiers take great pride in using their skill and experience to let the natural flavours of our ingredients work together with our chosen chocolate to create an ultra-premium chocolate experience. We take great care to ensure that the processes we use to create our confections reflect our belief that you deserve the very best we can create. The chocolates we produce are all natural, non-GMO, made in a peanut free facility, kosher, and our dark chocolates are suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

Taste and Enjoy!